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House with a Black Door
Cover of the literary flash fiction story House with a Black Door, by Nick Wisseman.

Jarvis House deals with the death of one of its residents.

At first, I thought Dan’s death would blow through the house like a storm: a day’s worth of rage and tears—two at most—and then the grief would be gone. Lots of things rolled off my tough old bunch; why not this?


But I sold them short. You’d think I’d know not to by now.

Stacy was mad for weeks. She’d shake her small white head and say, “I guess that’s it,” screw her face up in a pout, and look at big Paula, who ...

"House with a Black Door" first appeared in, issue 67, July 2013.


Read the online version here.

Hobo in the White City
Cover of the magical realism anthology Those Who Live Long Forgotten.

A drifter recounts what went wrong for him during the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago.

Remember when we used to be gods?

You’re right; completely right. I should know my place by now. And I do …but it’s hard to pretend I’ve always been what I am now.

Like yesterday, when Walter—the anarchist who picks his enormous nose when he thinks you aren’t watching and sucks in his gut when he thinks ...

"Hobo in the White City" first appeared in the Fall 2013 edition of Circa and then was included in the 2014 anthology Those Who Live Long Forgotten.


Get your copy on: Amazon

The Red Wraith (Grimdark)
Cover of Grimdark Magazine issue #1.

A terrifying legend wonders what it must be like for those who recognize him.

You notice my smoky hair and wonder if I’m him.

You study my skin, searching for veins that gleam black like I’ve been stretched over a sable spider web, or arteries that glitter white like fracture lines in shattered ice.


But you see no cause for alarm ...

“The Red Wraith” first appeared in Grimdark Magazine, issue 1, October 2014 and then was included in the 2018 anthology Knee-Deep in Grit.


Get your copy on: Amazon

Cover of the horror anthology American Dread.

The sentient components of a fearsome construct turn on each other.

We are ready.

The Talons contort themselves into the paws’ empty sheaths, pressing their tattoos against the matching runes that mark their positions. The Teeth wriggle into the hollows in the jaw. The Fire sprawls atop the sternum in the chest cavity. The Tail grips the terminable vertebra. The Wings curl around the arm bones. The Scales cling to everything else ...

“The Wyrm Collective” was published by Muddy Paw Press in American Dread: A Horror Anthology on October 6, 2021.


Get your copy on: Amazon


A young mage learns the true cost of magic.

Master Bryce rested his left hand—gloved, as ever—on the door handle ...

“You Are What You Mage” was published by Wyldblood Press on August 26, 2022.


Read the online version here.

Houston Cover.jpg

A wooden spaceship runs afoul of an unforeseen danger.

Memo to whoever finds this floating hunk of half-chewed junk: You might think it’s odd to come across a wooden capsule adrift in space. You also might think it would be a bad idea to build a spaceship out of that same wood. And you’d be right, but not because of the obvious ...

“Houston, We Have a Splinter” was published by Intrepidus Ink on October 26, 2022.


Read the online version here.

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