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The Red Wraith (Historical Fantasy)

As magic awakens in Early America, peoples old and new struggle to adapt.

The Battle Dancer - small.jpg
The Ascenders - version 2 - closer cropped - small.jpg
Before Saints Summit - eBook - small.jpg
The Amber Revenant - Web - 400 x 600.jpg
Colors and Ghosts - eBook - 400 x 600.jpg

Neva Freeman (Historical Fantasy)

A daughter of freed slaves navigates 1890s America and her witch-like powers.

Magic in the Mud Show - web - cropped.jpg
WWC - eBook - Nicks Crop - 400 x 600.jpg

Jarvis House (literary fiction)

A young social worker navigates the ups and downs of caring for mentally handicapped clients.

Hosue with a Blue Door - eBook Cover - Small.jpg
House with a Black Door - Cover - small.jpg
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