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The Red Wraith Series (Historical Fantasy)

As magic awakens in Early America, peoples old and new struggle to adapt.


  • Prequel A: The Battle Dancer (novella)

  • Prequel B: The Ascenders (novella)

  • Book 1: The Red Wraith (novel)

  • Book 2: The Black Resurrection (novel)

  • Book 3: The Amber Revenant

  • Bundle A: Before Saint's Summit (prequels A and B)

  • Bundle B: Colors And Ghosts (books 1–3)

  • Miscellaneous: "The Red Wraith" (flash)

WWC - eBook - Nicks Crop - 400 x 600.jpg

Neva Freeman Series (Historical Fantasy/Mystery)

A daughter of freed slaves navigates 1890s America and her witch-like powers.


Hosue with a Blue Door - eBook Cover - Small.jpg

House with a Blue Door Series (literary)

A young social worker navigates the ups and downs of caring for mentally handicapped clients.

Outcasts 400x600.jpg

Outcasts (multiple genres)

A collection of short reads with elements of fantasy, sci-fi, and horror.

  • "Charted Waters" (short)

  • "Revisions" (short)

  • "Ghost Writer" (short)

  • "Smile" (short)

  • "Permanence" (short)

  • "Branded Faith" (short)

  • "Low-Limb High" (short)

  • "Time Trick" (short)

  • "Love and World Eaters" (short)

  • "Splintered" (short)

  • "Hobo in the White City" (flash)

  • "The Wyrm Collective" (flash)

  • "You Are What You Mage" (flash)

  • "Houston, We Have a Splinter" (flash)

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