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New Release: Bone Rush, Chapter 2

Chapter 2 of my new novella Bone Rush is up! (After the Storm is releasing the chapters on a monthly basis.)

The first few paragraphs are below.

The bones looked even bigger in person. And more tragic.

“It’s like a bison hunt,” Mika whispered as the crew crept down the Mantis’s ramp, everyone except Rocket holding a scanner or a sequencing rifle (or both).

Neto tore his eyes away from the supersized charnel grounds ahead of them to glance at her. “You mean on yesterEarth?”

Mika hesitated. She hadn’t meant to make the comparison aloud—or remembered how sensitive the suits’ comms were—but now that she’d brought it up … “Right. In the old American West, when the settlers moved in. They killed bison by the thousands. Sometimes for their skins; sometimes to deprive the indigenous tribes of their primary food source; sometimes for sport. In their wake, the hunters left fields of bleached bones and mounds of skulls.”

“That,” Atalia proclaimed with her first step on the surface, “is some morbid shit.”

Read the rest on After the Storm.

Or catch up by reading the chapters in order:


Cover of the historical fantasy novel Witch in the White City, by Nick Wisseman.

Millions of visitors. Thousands of exhibits. One fiendish killer.

Neva’s goals at the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago are simple. Enjoy the spectacle—perhaps the greatest the United States has ever put on. (The world’s fair to end all world’s fairs!) Perform in the exposition’s Algerian Theatre to the best of her abilities. And don’t be found out as a witch.

Easy enough … until the morning she looks up in the Theatre and sees strangely marked insects swarming a severed hand in the rafters.

"... a wild ride sure to please lovers of supernatural historical mysteries." – Publishers Weekly

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