Discount: The Red Wraith Spring into Spring Sale

As part of its Spring into Spring eBook Sale, Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing is offering The Red Wraith for $0.99 today through Saturday. Check out the sale’s Facebook page for details, other discounted titles, and author extras like the “interview” below I did with Tay, one of the characters in The Red Wraith:

Me: So, Tay of the Dzune—what’s with the milky eyes? Can you see out of them?

Tay: I was ready for you, wasn’t I?

Me: Indeed you were! I hear you’re a fate reader. Can you read mine?

Tay: [taps the ground once] That means yes.

Me: Great! Where will I be in 10 years?

Tay: Yes-or-no questions only.

Me: Ah, okay. Will I be rich?

Tay: [taps the ground twice] That means no.

Me: Too bad! Will I be famous?

Tay: [taps the ground twice]

Me: How disappointing! Say, I heard your rainstick has a blade hidden in either end, and that when you fight with it, the way you flow from one position to the next makes it look like you’re “battle dancing.” True?

Tay: I’m a dancer, true.

Me: A battle dancer?

Tay: Would you like me to read your fate again?

Me: [taps the ground once] That means yes, am I right?

Tay: Will you survive this interview? [taps the ground once; raises her hand again and starts to lower it back down, but pauses with her fingers hovering a few inches from the earth—as if considering]

Me: And that’s all the time we have. Thank you, Tay of the Dzune, for a truly extraordinary session! [backs away, turns, runs]

Tay: [smiles]

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As magic awakens in Early America, Naysin, a child of the Lepane nation, manifests talents that defile his tribe’s harvest ceremony. His punishment is exile. In the years that follow, Naysin’s spirit fathers keep goading him into misusing his abilities. But when he encounters a group of fellow magic-users, Naysin realizes how he can set everything right.

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