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New Release: Knee-Deep in Grit

Like Game of Thrones? Then you should check out Knee-Deep in Grit, a compilation of Grimdark Magazine's first two years of fiction.

Cover of Knee-Deep in Grit.

Grimdark is basically what it sounds like: a genre where light doesn't always win out. Might too often makes right. Heroes are flawed and sometimes lose. Idealism gets you killed. I don't want to read (or write) grimdark all the time, but I definitely enjoy some Thrones-style cliché busting now and then.

I was fortunate enough to have a short story in the inaugural issue of Grimdark Magazine. A very short story—just a flash fiction piece in which Naysin, the protagonist of my Red Wraith series, wonders what it must be like for those who recognize him. (I wrote the piece for a workshop several years ago. The prompt was to write in second person. It was hard!)

This brief story reappears in Knee-Deep in Grit, making me a tiny part of the anthology. So don't buy it just for me. But I snuck into the company of a lot of great authors here, and if you like anything I've written, you'll probably like what they have to offer too.


Buy Knee-Deep in Grit on: Amazon

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